Corporate History

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1928December 1928
Nippon Signal Co., Ltd established.
(Merger of Mimura Factory, Shiota Factory and Railway Signal Co., Ltd)
1931June 1931
Traffic Signals domestically manufactured
and installed at Nihonbashi, Gofukubashi, and Sakurabashi intersections.
1937December 1937
Yono Factory established in Urawa, Saitama (present-day Saitama).
1948April 1948
Osaka Branch Office established.
1949May 1949
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1954August 1954
Vacuum tube-based B-type in-vehicle alarm systems introduced
in the Keihin-Tohoku Line and the Yamanote Line.
1958May 1958
CTC system installed for use on the Ito Line.
First CTC system ever in the Japan National Railways.
1962November 1962
Utsunomiya Factory established.
1964October 1964
CTC and ATC systems installed for use in the Tokaido Shinkansen Line
connecting Tokyo and Shin-Osaka Station.
1969October 1969
Automatic ticket gate system installed for use in Tokyo Monorail.
1970October 1970
Commencement of Production of Park-Lock systems.
1972April 1972
Tochigi Prefecture Police Headquarters Traffic Control Center established;
Signal equipment adopted for use by the Traffic Control Center.
December 1972
Japan’s first comprehensive AFC system installed
for use in lines of the Sapporo Municipal Subway.
1988October 1988
A signal project agreement with Turkish State Railways concluded
(the first turnkey agreement with an overseas company).
1995October 1995
Nippon Signal awarded ISO9001 certification.
1998October 1998
Nippon Signal exclusively receives an order for railway signal modernization
(introduction of CTC systems, electronic interlocking systems, etc.)
for all the islands of Taiwan.
2002July 2002
Shutdown of Yono plant.
December 2002
Nippon Signal awarded ISO14001 certification.
2003December 2003
AFC system installed for use in Line 13 of the Beijing Subway.
2004October 2004
Taipei Office established in Taiwan.
2007January 2007
Taiwan Shinkansen starts operation. Delivered Signaling systems.
March 2007
The interoperation of common IC cards (Suica and PASMO) starts;
Nippon Signal receives an order for simultaneous remodeling
of ticket gates and completes this project.
June 2007
Head Office relocated to Shin-Marunouchi Building in Chiyoda, Tokyo.
2008January 2008
Beijing Nippon Signal Co., Ltd. established (A local affiliated company in China).
2011December 2011
SPARCS (simple-structure and high-performance ATC by radio communication system)
put into commercial operation in Line 15 of the Beijing Subway.
2016March 2016
Completion of construction of Signalio Nanasato, a dormitory for bachelor employees.
2017October 2017
ANSHIN (safety and reliability) Center established.
Completion of construction of Signalio Utsunomiya, a dormitory for bachelor employees.


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