Research and Development



In November 2017, Nippon Signal established the ANSHIN Center within the premises of its Kuki Plant as a base for cultivating the DNA of safety and trust within the company and passing it on to future generations.
Element technology to support safety and reliability has been introduced in the exhibition area, while Nippon Signal’s system utilizing IoT technology delivered to customers around the world is performing remote monitoring in the verification area.
In addition to conducting research and providing education, we have built a simulation system that reproduces field circumstances and carried out comprehensive product verification.

  • Watching Area:
    Quality control service utilizing IoT
  • Confirming Area:
    A comprehensive verification system that reproduces field circumstances by using various simulators based on field data and operation information collected from field equipment
  • Supporting Area:
    Five core technologies (ICT technology, wireless technology, mechatronics technology, security technology, and sensing technology)
  • Connecting Area:
    Past accidents and incidents, education on safety and reliability, and history of safety and reliability

Working toward the realization of autonomous driving


On April 24, 2018, a demonstration experiment of autonomous driving that receives signal information using a mobile phone network was conducted on public roads in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
This experiment was conducted by DeNA Co., Ltd. and Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. as part of the Roboneko Yamato project, which aims to realize next-generation logistics services.
The experiment saw a dedicated wireless device attached to a signal controller to transmit real-time information about the color of signal lights and the time left before the lights change to vehicles.
We will continue to explore fields where our technology can be utilized as we look ahead to the age of autonomous driving.

Pedestrian signal information transmission system


We are working on the development of a system that provides traffic signal information to smartphones so that people with restricted mobility capability can safely cross intersections.
In the verification conducted in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture in 2017, visually impaired people experienced a system that provides signal information through smartphone screens, voice guidance, and vibrations.
In June 2018, we gave a demonstration of mobility robots fitted with receivers in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
We are working hard to realize a society where everyone can safely cross intersections.


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