Health Management

1. Nippon Signal Group Health Management Declaration

On April 1, 2022, our company established the “Nippon Signal Group Health Declaration”.

Nippon Signal Group Health Declaration

The Nippon Signal Group’s philosophy is to contribute to the realization of a safer and more comfortable society through superior technologies that provide safety and reliability. The Nippon Signal Group employees and their families supporting these activities are irreplaceable assets, and it is most important that they stay healthy and lead active lives.

Aiming to establish an environment in which employees and their families can lead healthy lives both physically and mentally and enjoy working, the companies, employees, and the health insurance union will make concerted efforts to promote proactive initiatives.

The Nippon Signal Group will promote the creation of an environment where people can actively take on the challenge of maintaining and improving their health and will continue to move forward as a sustainable company.

Date of enactment: April 1, 2022
Nippon Signal Co., Ltd.
President & CEO & COO   Hidehiko Tsukamoto

2. Promotion System

In order to promote Nippon Signal Group’s health management,
in addition to efforts made by the health management promotion manager and his/her leadership, it is necessary for all employees at each workplace to continuously take action.

The Nippon Signal Group will launch the NS-Wellness Promotion Committee to actively promote health management activities.


3. Major Initiatives



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