Ground-Penetrating Radar (EMS)

Turning invisible risks into visible peace of mind…

The Smart City Systems Division provides customers with solutions to detect unknown objects by remote and non-contact operation using environmental sensing technologies, including an underground sensing technology developed by applying Nippon Signal’s radio wave and communication technology. By providing environmental measurement equipment and measurement services, we aim to contribute to society through the provision of advanced safety and comfort together with, environment, energy and economy (the Triple E).
GROUNDSEER, a probing radar to detect underground buried objects, performs non-excavation exploration of underground buried objects to prevent accidents in social infrastructure and aging facilities that can lead to irrecoverable loss if not detected.


[What is Nippon Signal’s Triple E growth concept?]

The Triple E is a set of perspectives necessary for sustainable corporate growth.
These are economy,environment and energy.

Starting with measurement solutions, the EMS Business Promotion Department aims to achieve business growth based on the Triple E concept.


GROUNDSEER (Probing radar to detect objects buried underground)


GROUNDSEER (Ground-penetrating radar for cavity exploration car)





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