Management Plan

Long term vision - Vision-2028 EVOLUTION 100 -

On the basis of the philosophy of “Safety and Trust” and long-term environmental changes, the Nippon Signal Group aims to “Become a respected corporate group as an infrastructure provider in the Digital era” based on the concept of “Supporting the evolution of infrastructure safely and comfortably”.

Signal Groups Vision

Value Chain Stages that Nippon Signal Group aims

Based on the worth/capabilities of our group, we expand business domains by promoting business transformation such as digitalization, higher added value, and one-stop operation to realize our vision.

Value Chain

FY 2022-2024 New medium-term management plan『Next Stage 24』

Our company has designed a new medium-term management plan in order to make steady progress towards the future, taking into account our unchanged values/principles as a foundation, as well as the changes in the business environment.
Based on the basic policy of “Sustaining the Next Stage of Infrastructure”, we work on the three key strategies of“ (1) Co-creating value with customers after COVID-19, ” “(2) Expanding international business and improving profitability, ” and“ (3) Strengthening design and manufacturing capabilities in the software-first era, ” and promoting ESG management to create sustainable value.

2022-2024 New medium-term management plan

Basic Policy and Key Strategies of Next Stage24

Key Strategies of Next Stage24
Basic Policy

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