O&M SolutionsTraio: A New Guard for Railways and Stations

Contribution to SDGs

Creating an environment where diverse workers
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Traio provides a new form of protection for railways and stations with IoT network & collection/analysis of images

There is increasing demand for cost reduction in the railway business due to a shortage of workers and a decrease in the number of passengers resulting from population decline. However, there is also increasing demand for safety, which is an issue that poses many challenges to railway operators. Therefore, it is essential to perform condition monitoring using advanced labor-saving technology that can provide unmanned operation. Traio was developed to provide a new form of protection that will be necessary in the future for all peripheral equipment of railways and stations, including equipment on the ground and on vehicles.

Social challenges in the future

  • ・ Decrease in labor population engaged in railway service
  • ・ Frequent natural disasters
  • ・ Maintenance of the railway network, including local lines

Traio is a cloud-based solution designed to collect, accumulate, and analyze information on railway equipment, areas along railway lines, and services.

It can significantly improve inspection efficiency by remotely checking railway equipment, station service devices, and peripheral equipment

Collecting various data to provide useful information to each user

Compatible with various interfaces, Traio enables the introduction of IoT to all sorts of equipment.
Attaching a sensor and a camera to each piece of equipment makes it possible to transmit images and numerical data obtained by the equipment to a ground unit via wireless modules. Image data obtained on vehicles is collected in the cloud after being imported from an on-vehicle unit to an analysis terminal. By accumulating and analyzing field equipment data, Traio contributes to the realization of railway system changes (saving labor in maintenance work). Our unique strengths in data analysis mean that we can conduct maintenance work with perfect timing and deliver services to prevent equipment failure.

Construction aimed at realizing a ground/on-vehicle condition monitoring system for railways in 2030

This is a leading system for solutions utilizing the Traio technology. It is largely divided into a ground unit and an on-vehicle unit, each of which aggregates information from various equipment along tracks, information on the natural environment along and around railway lines, and information on service equipment at stations, and collects this information in the Traio cloud. Thereafter, the information and commands will be provided to various database servers. Until now, it was necessary for workers go to sites to monitor the status of equipment, etc., but remote monitoring with Traio makes it possible to collect, analyze and accumulate information on a real-time basis.

Schematic view of introduction example


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