Tough Gate II (THG II)

Security Gate for Outdoor Use

THG II is a security gate with a resilient body that can provide enhanced security suited to specific situations.
It has passed the IP55 test verifying dust-proof and water-proof performance.


Product Features

Improved touch & go operability

Features a 950mm-tall housing for easy touch & go operability, enabling passengers to enter and leave quickly.
The card contact part has surface emission identical to that of an automatic ticket gate. Its passage direction indicating light using bright LEDs guides passengers in an easy-to-follow manner. (Blue/red LED emission)

Tough Body

We have succeeded in creating a security gate that has passed the IP55 test to verify dust-proof and water-proof performance by creating a tough body that can withstand harsh outdoor environments.
Soft material is used for bumpers mounted on its front.
These serve as buffers to reduce damage that can result from a collision of a cart or bicycle with the gate.
Its flaps are durable, created by bending metal, and are wrapped with soft covers for safety.

Environmental Resistance

Tough Gate II is a security gate for outdoor use that can be installed in any location with an environmental temperature of between -20 and +45 degrees Celsius.

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External dimensions Depth: 1,500mm, Height: 950mm, Width: 150mm
Passage width Standard type: 600mm, Wheelchair-accessible type: 900mm
Mass Approx. 200kg (1 housing)
Installation conditions Indoor and outdoor (requires roof covering)
Installation environment Temperature: -20 to +45 degrees Celsius *1
Temperature -30 to +90 degrees Celsius *2
Standards IP55 (JIS C 0902)
Power consumption Standby: 120VA or less, Operating: 150VA or less *3
Standby: 120VA or less, Operating: 300VA or less (Passage width: 900mm) *3
When using heater: 1,000VA or less (Passage width: 600mm),
1,150VA or less (Passage width: 900mm)
Human detection Infrared beam system
Processing capacity Normal mode: 25 persons/min., Continuous mode: 40 persons/min.
Walking direction 2 directions (in/out)
Media used Non-contact IC card
Upper communication Non-voltage contact
Installation method D-type installation
Installation configuration Base anchor bolt fixation (8 bolts per housing)
Power supply used Single-phase AC100V ± 10% 50/60Hz

*1: When using heater *2: No condensation *3: Including when motor is used





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