General Products

Operation Support System

  • Automatic Train Operation System (ATO/TASC)

Interlocking Devices

  • Interlocking Device (electronic interlocking/relay interlocking)
  • Electronic Interlocking for Small Stations (network type)

Train Detection/Train Control

  • Communications-Based Train Control Device (CBTC)
  • Station Radio-Based Train Control System
  • Digital ATC Ground Equipment
  • e-ATC
  • New Variable Frequency ATS (ATS-Dx)
  • ATS-P Code Processing Device (V-type)
  • ATS-Ps (SS-system) Receiver
  • Train Detection Device (MTD-AD)

Command and Control Support

  • Car Barn PRC

Field Equipment

  • Signal Relay
  • Electric Railroad Switch
  • NSWp-type Waterproof Railroad Switch
  • Electric Railroad Crossing Barrier
  • Train Detection Device for Railroad Crossing (SA-type)
  • LS-type Railroad Crossing Obstacle Detection Device

Transmission Equipment

  • DCU

On-Vehicle Equipment

  • Integrated on-Vehicle Equipment
  • 3U-sized ATC/TD On-Vehicle Device
  • Composition Brake Shoe

Maintenance Support

  • Line Closing/Maintenance Work Procedure System
  • Remote Monitoring Device
  • Traio (remote monitoring system)

Support for Passengers

  • Half LCD Display Device

Prevention and Mitigation of Disasters

  • Infra Doctor
  • Slope Collapse Prediction System


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