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Traffic Control System


Each prefecture has one primary traffic control center that conducts comprehensive signal control integrating regional control, system control, and point control.

Traffic Signal Controller


Our traffic signal controller controls the red, yellow, and green display of traffic signals at intersections to ensure safe and smooth traffic flow, prevent traffic accidents, and curb traffic pollution.

Emergency Back-up Power Supply


At the time of a blackout, this battery-based power supply can be used to supply electricity to prevent traffic light failure. It is designed to control traffic congestion and prevent traffic accidents even during a blackout.

Traffic Signal Light


A traffic signal light is a device controlled by a traffic controller for displaying red, yellow, and green lights to drivers and pedestrians.

Compact Image Sensor


This is a sensor designed to measure the behaviors of moving objects in real time by means of image processing. Since measurement targets can be customized according to needs, it can be applied to various situations. It is a unique, compact and lightweight sensor whose image processing unit is housed inside the camera housing, ensuring easy installation. It is used as a detector for crossing pedestrians.

Far-Infrared Sensor


This sensor uses far-infrared rays to detect the temperature difference between an object and its background. Its power consumption is minimal thanks to the use of a passive system. The use of a solar battery means there is no need for a power source, while the option to wirelessly connect a base unit and an extension unit makes wiring work for detection signals unnecessary. Wireless communication is possible within a 200-meter range, in which up to 8 extension units can be connected.

Environment-Resistant SS Wireless Transmission Device


This device enables short-distance wireless communication within a 300-meter range. Being designed for short-range communication, its wireless transmission output is weak and does not require a license to use. Its proprietary modulation method minimizes interference with wireless LAN, and it is easy to install since there is no need for overhead wiring work. Uses include transmission of control information from traffic signal controllers, detection information from vehicle detectors.





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