Movable Platform Screen Doors


We provide powerful support for smooth train operation during rush hour
as we aim to create safe and comfortable platforms.

Accidents on platforms can bring huge losses passengers and railway business operators alike. In order to prevent such incidents, which are increasing year by year, movable platform screen doors are designed to realize a safe and comfortable platform space and prevent passengers from falling. The introduction of a wireless cooperation system has made it possible to build a system regardless of the presence or absence of signal equipment. We support safe and smooth train operation while ascertaining the operational status with monitoring and control panels in the train crew’s cabin and in station staff or administrative offices.


Our platform screen doors are fitted with total control devices.
Integration saves space and ensures easy and quick control.

Nippon Signal’s unique platform screen door with built-in total control device
Fault tolerance has been enhanced by constructing a looped, standby duplex network. The opening and closing command to the individual control panel is transmitted via a transmission device, and signals are sent and received between the control panel in the stationmaster’s office and the train crew’s cabin.


Control Panel in Station Staff Office


This control panel checks the operational status of platform screen doors and enables them to be opened and closed simultaneously for smooth train operation.

Individual Control Panel


Platform screen doors are opened and closed in response to open/close signals from the total control device. This control panel reports the open or closed status of platform screen doors and the occurrence of abnormalities to the total control device.

Control Panel in Train Crew’s Cabin


This control panel checks the operational status of the platform screen doors and enables platform screen doors to be opened and closed simultaneously.

Surveillance Monitor


This monitor checks and displays the operational status of each and every platform screen door., enabling station staff and train crews on the platform to communicate effectively.

Optional Systems
Providing safe and secure platform solutions


3D Obstacle-Detecting Function

Installing a 3D laser ranging image sensor on the train side of a platform screen door makes it possible to eliminate blind spots and detect passengers or objects that are remaining or stuck between the train and the door.


Space Light

A space light installed under the platform illuminates the train car from under the platform with a flashing light while the train is stopped at the platform, alerting passengers to the danger of getting their feet caught between the platform and the train car.


Platform Step

A platform step is designed to narrow the gap between the train car and the platform while passengers are getting on or off so as to prevent them from falling. Its extension and retraction detection sensors are duplicated, enabling safe operation and control.


Wireless Platform Screen Door
Open/Close System

Regardless of the presence or absence of signal equipment, platform screen doors can be opened or closed with a built-in stop position detection device and a wireless information transmission device.
In addition, since the LF antenna/UHF antenna use multiple frequency bands, reliable interlocking of platform screen doors is possible even when trains are present at multiple platforms.





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