Platform Sensing System


We will realize safety measures with excellent cost performance as we aim to create safe and comfortable platforms.

This sophisticated surveillance system uses a compact outdoor 3D laser ranging image sensor developed in-house to detect passengers approaching the edge of the platform. When the sensor detects danger, it issues a warning and prevents accidents such as accidental contact with a train car or falling.


Features of Platform Sensing System

Sensors that are resistant to sunlight are installed on the top or side of the platform to ensure the safety of the platform.
When detecting dangers such as accidental contact, passengers standing at a platform edge and accidental falls that are likely to occur every day, the system issues warnings and alarms with built-in speakers and LED line lights. It also operates simultaneously with an emergency stop device and reports to station staff.


The sensors can be installed facing down or sideways according to the station environment.


3D Laser Ranging Image Sensor

Our proprietary Infini Soleil 3D laser ranging image sensor is a sensor that is resistant to ambient light, perfectly designed for outdoor-use, and can recognize 3D shapes.

The sensor system uses laser light to detect people and objects within an area.
Employing an active system with an internal near-infrared pulse laser, it can be used at all hours of the day and night. With a unique optical structure developed by Nippon Signal, Infini Soleil exhibits excellent robustness in sensing obstacles and processing noise, making it possible to reliably detect obstacles even in diverse outdoor environments.


  • Reliably recognizes obstacles based on 3D information.
  • Employs a long-life MEMS mirror (ECOSCAN) as an optical scanner.
  • Resistant to ambient light (sunlight) and can be used at all hours of the day and night.
  • Unlike a camera, it does not capture an image of the actual object, and therefore poses no privacy issues.
  • “Class 1” laser safety standard (causing no harm to human eyes).

LED Line Light

Shines a warning light when detecting a person standing at a platform edge.

When a passenger approaches the warning line at the edge of the platform, the high-brightness LED line light emits light. The warning line emits light to give a warning that tells the passenger not to go any further.






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