Lightweight Platform Screen Doors


We have reduced the cost of platform reinforcement work by creating lightweight platform screen doors.
These doors are expected to provide a more comfortable passenger experience on platforms.

Platform screen doors are a very effective means of improving safety in the event of an accident on a station platform. However, one of the factors delaying their introduction is the cost of installation. Platform screen doors are typically heavy, and their installation requires extensive delivery and installation work, contributing to an increase in construction costs. In installation locations that lack foundation strength, such as embankment platforms, extensive reinforcement work may be required to increase the retention strength of the platform. Nippon Signal’s new lightweight platform screen doors use pipe-shaped door panels based on an unprecedented concept, designed with the aim of reducing costs for installation and improvement work.


System Structure and Features

The system is built up from a repeated combination of 5 and 4 pipes, enabling compact storage of screen doors.

Storing lattice-shaped doors alternately makes it possible to improve the compactness of door cases.

Standard Type


Standard installation example


Lightweight design and excellent air permeability reduce the amount of labor required for reinforcement work.

Compared with normal platform screen doors, our new products have smaller areas affected by wind, making it possible to simplify reinforcement work.

Comparison of Standard Type and Compact Type

Compact Type
Standard Type

Lightweight screen doors have become a reality by employing strong, thin-walled pipes.

To produce lightweight screen doors, we employ thin-walled yet strong pipes.






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