Lifting Platform Screen Doors


Completely new type of cutting-edge platform screen doors.
We provide safe and secure solutions by flexibly responding to diverse station environments.

Despite the number of accidents resulting in injury or death on platforms increasing year by year, little progress has been made with the introduction of side-opening platform doors (half-height doors and full-height doors) due to various reasons such as an inability to fix door positions due to disparity of door types used by different train cars and the necessity of significant investment for foundation work. Our lifting platform screen doors are developed to be compatible with a wide variety of train cars thanks to their wide openings. Moreover, this is a completely new lightweight platform screen door system with excellent safety, durability, and operability that is tolerant to errors in stopping position and places minimal strain on the platform.


Newly developed safety sensors adequately ensure passenger safety.

  • 3D laser ranging image sensor can ensure passenger safety.
  • A sub-wire is stretched between the wires to provide a reliable fall prevention barrier.
  • Platform screen doors can be controlled (automatically opened/closed) with this system alone, eliminating the need for modifications of car trains and signal equipment.
  • Being lightweight, our lifting platform screen doors can be installed at low cost.

Sophisticated train detection sensors that automatically operate for station safety control the opening and closing of platform screen doors.

In order to reliably detect the arrival and departure of trains, train detection sensors are installed at the front and rear of the stopping position. The state in which all sensors detect a train is viewed as the arrival, and the state in which the rear sensor doesn’t detect the train is viewed as the departure. Moreover, when the sensors judge that a train has overrun by detecting its speed, the fence will not be opened.


A completely new platform screen door system that supports various station environments

This system can flexibly respond to the operation of train cars with varying numbers of doors and door positions.

Wide door openings ensure that this system is compatible with train cars that have varying numbers of doors and door positions operating on the same train line.

This system can also be installed on lines where ATO/TASC has not yet been introduced.

With a permissible range of stopping accuracy wider than that of current platform screen doors, this system can also be installed on lines where ATO/TASC has not yet been introduced.

In addition to significantly reducing construction costs, the construction period can also be reduced.

Our new platform screen doors are lighter than current models and require less construction work, making it possible to reduce total cost and shorten the construction period.





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